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Specialist Homecare

The best results are achieved with the best home care!

 We approach our treatments in 3 phases- 1.) In Salon Treatments 2.) Recommended Homecare 3.) Supplements



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This specialist skin care range treats all skin types using its step up programme, ensuring your skin is at its best and is challenged to perform at all times. Vitamin A, the main ingredient can structurally change the skin cell DNA therefore assisting in reversing the signs of ageing, correcting all different types of skin concerns including Acne, Pigmentation, Sun Damaged skin and Acne Rosacea and with  the added Vitamins C and E, your skin will look its best yet.  



30 day supply £115

We recommend this fabulous collagen drink especially for all of our specialist face and body treatments, in fact to all of our clients for essential collagen growth Inner skin health is a vital process to ensure our skin is healthy on the inside. Skin concerns such as acne, psoriasis, excema and scarring also benefit greatly form this drink aswell as joint concerns, and digestive disorders. It is the way forward for the best results….


Advanced Nutrition Programme

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Advanced nutrition programme is a collection of skin and health supplements to support specific skin concerns, treating the skin from within allows home care and in salon treatments to give the best results even better superboost with skinade and see the results for yourself

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"Catherine has changed my skin with her knowledge of the wonderful Environ skin care range."

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