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Signature Treatments

Designed by Catherine her signature treatments offer the ultimate experience....

Catherine Carter Signature


Catherine Carter Signature Facial


An intense facial designed by Catherine, this treatment is bespoke to each client individually working on individual concerns whilst smoothing & softening the skins texture & targeting blemishes, lines & wrinkles. An ideal treatment for those who seek a results’ driven facial & the enjoyment of relaxation too!!


Catherine Carter Signature Massage Experience


Designed by Catherine to give you the ultimate massage experience, so please come & relax, let your mind & body unwind with our bespoke signature treatment.

Acupressure Neck Massage

Catherine Carter Signature Décolleté 


The neck and chest are giveaway areas of age. This treatment works on lines and wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck and décolleté area. The diamond crystals give a deep exfoliation action, the collagen lifts plumps and tightens the skin, ironing the lines and wrinkles and the gold mask finishes with overall tightening and brightening.


Catherine Carter Signature Diamond Manicure 


One of our flagship treatments
This is a perfect treatment for those who suffer with age spots, lines & wrinkles on the hands.
This treatment incorporates diamond crystals to exfoliate & stimulate collagen growth & repair followed by a nourishing manicure (cuticles, nail file & massage.)
Add a choice of polish £10

Professional Eyebrows

Catherine Carter Signature Brow


We have our own Brow treatment to give you that brow definition everyone wants to achieve. Our signature Brow treats the brows from every angle and giving a smooth finish of perfection. *  These treatments require a patch test 24hrs prior to treatment.

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Kind Words

"This salon is the best in terms of quality environment and treatments. The range of treatments is superb and Catherine gives great advice and recommendations with a genuine concern for meeting your expectations. I travel 80 miles but it's definitely worth it!"

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