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Inch Loss & Targeted Fat Removal 

The perfect way to lose inches, remove fat and sculpt the body going under the knife.


Ultrasound Cavitation

From £150

A pain free treatment with no downtime, no surgery and best of all no scars. Using a low frequency ultrasound which creates high pressure to the fat cells causing them to burst into a liquid consistency also known as ‘fat melting’. The liquid consistency is carried out of the body with results being visible after just one treatment, with a course of 8 for best results. A Course of 8 Treatments is advised for best results.

1 Treatment from £150

Course of 8 - £900


Fat Freezing

From £195

Stubborn pockets of fat are placed into a vacuum pressured cup applicator and frozen. The fat cells in this area are exposed to freezing temperatures which causes 20-40% of the fat cells to be destroyed. The body then goes through the process of eliminating these fat cells over a period of 2-4 months, giving gradual, permanently noticeable results over this period. This is great for bingo wings, stubborn tummy fat, back fat, love handles, inner thighs & double chin.

1 Area £250

2 Areas £400 (saving  £100)

1 Chin Freeze £195

DSC_2276 (1).jpg


Bespoke Quote*

Shock-Ice incorporate two of our most popular fat & inch loss therapies. Fat Freezing & Shockwave, combining the two together the results are accelerated & achieved much more quicker, the fatty area is diminished & the tone & elasticity of the skin is greatly improved.

A bespoke course will be discussed at time of consultation for the Shock-Ice package.


Body HI-FU


The latest technology to treat specific areas of fat. This is great for stubborn hard pockets of fat, body sculpting and targeted fat removal. HI-FU delivers focused ultrasound waves causing heat under the skin, destroying fat cells and tightening the area. The damaged cells are flushed out of the body via the lymphatic system. This process continues through the body for up to 12 weeks. This is a one off single treatment with results being seen within 2-4 months after the treatment.

£550 for 1 Hour

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"This salon is the best in terms of quality environment and treatments. The range of treatments is superb and Catherine gives great advice and recommendations with a genuine concern for meeting your expectations. I travel 80 miles but it's definitely worth it!"

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