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Non-Surgical Face Lifting, Lines & Wrinkles


HI-FU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound


The most effective latest alternative to cosmetic surgery with no downtime with results lasting between 12-18 months

This treatment targets the skin at 3 different depths stimulating the collagen levels firming & tightening loose skin whilst greatly reducing lines & wrinkles and signs of ageing. Also endorsed by leading plastic surgeons as an alternative to surgical face-lifting. A noticeable improvement will be visible within 4 weeks.

Half Face £600

Upper Face, Brow and Eyes £650

Full Face & Neck £1000

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Plasma Pen

Bespoke Quote*

An advanced treatment, using a Plasma Pen to correct all different aspects of skin concerns and imperfections, including frown lines, crow’s feet.

*A consultation is required prior to treatment.


Genie 10 Minute Face Lift & Tone


A unique treatment so powerful it only takes 10 minutes- it’s like taking your face to the gym! Pads are placed across the face on the muscles contracting & encouraging a stronger & firmer structure, perfect for the jawline. This treatment achieves the best results with a course of 12.

10 Minute Facial £45

Course of 12 £425


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening


Radio Frequency is one of our most popular skin tightening treatments, using heat to warm the skin, therefore stimulating contraction of  collagen fibres and aiding tissue retraction in return, the skin tightens, plumping the collagen fibres aiding a firmer & more youthful skin. A course of treatments is required for the best results.

£75 course of 8 £450

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Kind Words

"Such a lovely treatment and my skin feels amazing! Always great going into the salon. All the girls are lovely, very knowledge and professional. Cannot recommend enough." 

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