Semi-Permanent Make-Up

A fantastic way to enhance brows, create definite or soft eye lines, or achieve a long lasting lip colour. A very popular treatment which allows you to look your best at all times, The long lasting results are fabulous, saving time in front of the mirror applying make-up, this treatment is also very popular with post cancer clients who have lost eyebrows and eyelashes and need a little something to re-create themselves visually. *A patch test and consultation is required.

Consultation Fee £50
Beauty Spot £69
Lip Liner £289
Eyeliner Top or Bottom £289
Soft Pencilled Eyebrows £349
Hairstroke Eyebrows £349
Eyeliner Top and Bottom £449
Lip Liner and Blend £349
Full Lip Colour £449


Semi-Permanent Make-Up Packages

Beautiful Lip and Eyes (choice of top or bottom eyeliner and lip liner) £499
Beautiful Brow and Eye (eyebrows and choice of top or bottom eyeliner) £549
Deluxe Brow and Eye (eyebrows top and bottom eyeliner) £699
Complete Beauty (eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner, lip liner and blend £1145
Specialist In Salon Treatments
Environ Results Driven Skincare
This specialist skin care range treats all skin types using its step up programme, ensuring your skin is at its best and is challenged to perform at all times. Vitamin A, the main ingredient can structurally change the skin cell DNA therefore assisting in reversing the signs of ageing, correcting all different types of skin concerns including Acne, Pigmentation, Sun Damaged skin and Acne Rosacea and with  the added Vitamins C and E, your skin will look its best yet.
Skinade Results From Within
We recommend this fabulous collagen drink especially for all of our specialist face and body treatments, in fact to all of our clients. Inner skin health is a vital process to ensure our skin is healthy on the inside. Collagen is responsible for our suppleness and firmness of our skin, as we age, our collagen levels depleat therefore showing signs from the ageing process, drinking one of these per day ensures tissue repair and correction and also assists with better delivery of products used topically on the skin and in salon treatment delivery. Skin concerns such as acne, psoriasis, excema, scarring benefit greatly form this drink aswell as joint concerns, and digestive disorders. It is the way forward for the best results….
 30 day supply £105, (£3.50 per drink)