Inch Loss Fat Removal

The perfect way to lose inches, remove fat and sculpt the body without going to the gym or going under the knife.

3D Lipo is a non-invasive fat and inch loss treatment which targets specific areas of concern such as thunder thighs, mummy tummy, bingo wings, back fat and love handles. As well as overall inch loss and cellulite.

Endorsed by leading Plastic Surgeon Dr Paul Banwell and many celebrities including Coleen Rooney, Amy Childs, Lord Sugar and Dr Leah Totton (Winner from the BBCs The apprentice) The visible long term results speak for themselves.

Ultrasound Cavitation

A pain free treatment with no downtime, no surgery and best of all no scars. Using a low frequency ultrasound which creates high pressure to the fat cells causing them to burst into a liquid consistency also known as ‘fat melting’. The liquid consistency is carried out of the body with results being visible after just one treatment, with a course of 8 for best results.

  • 1 Treatment from £120
  • from £720 for the course of 8
  • (Buy 6 get 2 free)

Cryolipolysis- Fat Freezing

Stubborn pockets of fat are placed into a vacuum pressured cup applicator and frozen. The fat cells in this area are exposed to freezing temperatures which causes 20-40% of the fat cells to be destroyed. The body then goes through the process of eliminating these fat cells over a period of 2-4 months, giving gradual, permanently noticeable results over this period.

  • 1 Area £250
  • 2 Areas £400 (saving £100)
  • 1 Chin freeze £195

Body HI-FU

The latest technology to treat specific areas of fat. This is great for stubborn pockets of fat, body sculpting and targeted fat removal.

Hi-FU delivers focused ultrasound waves causing heat under the skin, destroying fat cells and tightening the area. The damaged cells are flushed out of the body via the lymphatic system. This process continues through the body for up to 12 weeks. This is a one off single treatment with results being seen within 2-4 months after the treatment.

£550 for 1 hour

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is a great treatment alone or to incorporate into a bespoke inch loss, fat removal or cellulite package. This therapy breaks down fat by creating radial wave vibrations through the area and stimulate lymphatic drainage as well as collagen production. This treatment also creates a smoother appearance where cellulite is present.

  • Shockwave per session-£75
  • Course of 8-£450


A technology used for decades with powerful results. This treatment generates heat in the problem area causing the fat cells to break down and be eliminated. This allows the lymphatic system to work more efficiently and drain the fat away in the same process the skins structure is strengthened. By creating activity with the collagen fibres and rejuvenating and rebuilding the skins supportive frame. Therefore, areas with poor skin texture such as cellulite and particularly stretchmarks, benefit from the effects of radiofrequency.

  • £75 per treatment
  • Course of 8 £450
  • (buy 6 get 2 free)
Specialist In Salon Treatments
Skinade Results From Within
We recommend this fabulous collagen drink especially for all of our specialist face and body treatments, in fact to all of our clients. Inner skin health is a vital process to ensure our skin is healthy on the inside. Collagen is responsible for our suppleness and firmness of our skin, as we age, our collagen levels depleat therefore showing signs from the ageing process, drinking one of these per day ensures tissue repair and correction and also assists with better delivery of products used topically on the skin and in salon treatment delivery. Skin concerns such as acne, psoriasis, excema, scarring benefit greatly form this drink aswell as joint concerns, and digestive disorders. It is the way forward for the best results….
 30 day supply £105, (£3.50 per drink)